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             In today’s fast changing business world, an organization must constantly monitor and adjust operations to stay competitive and maximize shareholder equity.  What better way to do this than to minimize the total costs for goods and services required to support company objectives?


             C. A. Services was formed to aid organizations by helping to improve the overall bottom line using proven methodology over time by successful professionals.  By integrating proven “Back-to-the-Basics” processes into today’s e-commerce business world, organizations can realize significant cost savings.  All services provided by C. A. Services are focused on involving client personnel and resources to the fullest extent possible, thereby transferring skills to client personnel resulting in sustained savings.


             Many times management realizes the need for process improvement after unclear major agreements have been made that are adversely effecting cost.  C. A. Services also specializes in renegotiating unfavorable agreements into workable fair arrangements that both parties can benefit from.


             C. A. Services is built around the experience and skills of founder Allen Helms, C.P.M., C.B.M., and a growing pool of seasoned specialized consultants available as required to meet the needs of its clients.  Allen’s thirty plus years of experience in the industrial, commercial, and marine engineering/procurement/construction industry have formed a solid base for providing several integral services.


Procurement and Materials Management Services
· Materials Management & Procurement Group Assessment & Revamping
· Overall Program Development & Implementation Assistance
· Procurement Policies and Procedures Manuals
· Federal Acquisition Regulatory Reviews
· Standard Terms & Conditions Documents
· Major Equipment & Services Procurement Packages
· Inquiry, Evaluation & Award Assistance
· Documenting and Formalizing Contractual Agreements
· Shop Inspection, Expediting, & Tracking Services


Construction Management Services

· Feasibility Studies and Estimates

· Contracting Execution Plans and Schedules

· Architect / Engineer & Contractor Inquiry, Evaluation, & Award Assistance

· Contract Administration

· Project Close Outs


Mediation and Claims Management Services

· Dispute Resolution Mediators

· Claims Documentation, Validation, and Settlement Assistance


Corporate Development Services

· Corporate Policy and Procedures Manual Development

· Website Design & Maintenance

· Quality Assurance & Quality Control Manuals

· Safety Procedures Manuals

C. A. Services, Inc.

P. O. Box  851026 Mobile, AL  36685-1026

Phone: (251) 342-9097 Fax: (251) 342-9656

Email: ahelms@CASProjects.com



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