Services not provided on a Lump Sum Basis

can be billed at

“All-Inclusive” Unit Rates:

Services performed on a “Unit Rate” basis shall be billed at fixed hourly or daily rates for actual time expended traveling and/or providing services.  Actual Billing Rates are based on complexity and duration of the project and mutually agreed on prior to the start of work.  (Out-of-town work is based on an 8 hour or 1 day minimum billing)


· All Rates are "All-Inclusive" of all Burdens, Benefits, Training Cost, Overhead, Profit, etc. required.


· Billing Rates are “portal-to-portal” with a maximum billing of 10 hours per day.


· All work performed at the direction of the client on holidays and Sundays will be billed at the 1.5 times the applicable unit rate.


· Clients shall reimburse C. A. Services for reasonable and necessary business travel, subsistence, and related expenses when traveling at the direction of the client.  Vehicular use will be billed at $0.55 per mile or the maximum allowable rate established by the IRS, which ever is less.


· All incidental expenses such as faxes, telephones, and other related office expenses are included in the Lump Sum Prices and Unit Rates quoted.  If out-of-town travel is required, reasonable travel expenses including full coach airfare, train, taxi, hotel, meals, tips, etc. will be billed at costs + 10%.


· Expenses such as printing extra reports, specialty presentations, etc. shall be billed at costs +15%.


· Payments for services provided shall be billed each month and due within ten (10) business days after receipt of invoice. (Net 10 Days)


· In the event client terminates services, C. A. Services shall be paid on a pro rata basis for services actually provided and related expenses to properly shut down work.

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