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Purchasing of major equipment and contracting with Architects, Engineers, and Construction Contractors can put a strain on a Procurement Staff that is geared toward taking care of day-to-day organizational needs.  To stay competitive, most procurement groups do not maintain staff personnel trained to take care of major capital project procurement activities.


Developing a Procurement Plan and Schedule before making any major commitments is essential to the ultimate success of the project.  A realistic review of the Owner’s available resources to manage the project’s procurement activities is the first step in determining procurement strategy.  Increased Owner involvement usually means an increased potential for savings by eliminating markups.  The procurement strategy should be based on the Owner’s available resource  and their acceptable level of risk.


C. A. Services can meet with client management and assist in the development of a procurement plan tailored to utilize its personnel as much as possible without sacrificing operational support. C. A. Services can provide any level of support required to successfully achieve the project’s procurement objectives. 

Following a systematic process of planning, scheduling, and executing procurement activities will ensure that efficient, cost effective, properly executed agreements are issued to achieve on-time delivery of required materials, equipment and services at a fair and reasonable price.


Once the Procurement Strategy is selected a Procurement Plan and Schedule is developed which includes items such as:


· A list of Major and Minor Procurement packages divided by types of equipment and services required.


· Preliminary descriptions and requirements for each package including remaining technical descriptions required.


· Proposed Bidder Qualification Criteria


· Preliminary Bidders List w/contacts for each package


· Baseline Procurement Schedule and Budget


· Preliminary Acceptance Criteria


· Required Delivery Dates by Package


· Responsibilities and Obligations of the Owner


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