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When an individual or small group of individuals first start a business, the “plan” is typically fairly simple and straightforward: “Develop the plan, fund the plan and work the plan.” Its success is determined by hard work, commitment, a little luck and the ability of management to adjust the plan as conditions warrant.


Once a plan becomes successful and the business begins to grow, it is imperative that new employees and others within the organization have a clear understanding of the principle guidelines responsible for past and continued success. While these principles are typically clear to the founding members of an organization, they are not always properly conveyed to new members.


The purpose of a Corporate Policy Manual is to ensure a consistent understanding of the organization’s purpose, philosophies, policies and good business practices to everyone involved. An effective policy manual will provide employees with guidelines pertaining to their authority and responsibilities. It will also promote consistency, improve efficiency and increase overall profitability.


Many times an organization grows significantly over a short period of time through mergers, acquisitions, patent successes, etc. Publishing a comprehensive Corporate Policy Manual establishes a corporate-wide understanding of management’s responsibilities and obligations, corporate objectives and the need for consistent planning throughout all divisions and groups.


C. A. Services has developed general policy and procedural outlines that include generally accepted good business practices. After meeting with Client management to identify specific objectives and reviewing existing policies, a fully comprehensive manual can be customized to convey the unique requirements of the organization.


Drafts of the policy manuals are submitted to the Client for review and comment during the development cycle.  Once completed and accepted, all documents are provided in both electronic and hardcopy form so that future revisions can be made and distributed by internal personnel.


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