Inquiry, Evaluation, & Award Assistance


Generally accepted “good business practices” say that it is best to only solicit bids from firms that are responsible and demonstrate technical expertise and financial stability.  It is also essential that every inquiry issued clearly and accurately describes the materials, equipment, and/or services to be delivered. 


Inquiry, Evaluation, & Award Assistance includes activities such as:


· Finalization of Bidders Lists for each package based on available information demonstrating each Bidder’s ability to:

· Have adequate financial resources or the ability to obtain them

· Be able to comply with the completion schedule

· Have a satisfactory safety and performance record

· Have the necessary organization, quality, accounting and
operational controls

· Have staff with required technical skills or the ability to obtain them

· Have the necessary facilities

· Be otherwise qualified and eligible to deliver quality products on schedule.


Note:  The complexity and value of the product or service being purchased should be used as a gauge to decide how much time is spent pre-qualifying Bidders.  Buying items stocked locally with immediate delivery requires minimal time while selecting a contractor to build a million dollar building requires all of the above.


· Creation of an Inquiry Package for submittal to the Bidders that contains:

· Cover letters conveying overall project information and

· Instruction to Bidders specifying contact information, submittal schedules, format and price breakdown structures in sufficient detail to conduct “apples-to-apples” evaluations

· Defined requirements and acceptance criteria

· Contractual Terms and Conditions

· Site Safety Rules and Standards for on-site contracted services

· Insurance Requirements for on-site contracted services

· Progress and Delivery Requirements

· Reporting Requirements

· Backcharge agreement to protect Owner’s right to
corrective action

· Applicable Drawings and Specifications


· Communications with Bidders and others to ensure that all clarifications are issued to all Bidders in writing.


· Receiving of proposals and making distribution to Owners for review.


· Developing commercial evaluations for each procurement package containing the following:

· Total price and cost analysis

· Exceptions to the defined requirements

· Exceptions to contractual terms and conditions

· Schedule compliance analysis

· Safety performance analysis

· Discounts and Payment Terms

· Bid Validity Date

· Bonds and Insurance Requirements

· Technical acceptability of the proposal


· Negotiating with Bidders as required to clarify their proposals.


· Making an Award Recommendation to Owner.


· Negotiating with successful Bidder to ensure that all clarifications and exceptions have been properly addressed.


· Making award after authorization by Owner and preparing contract documents for execution.


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