Procurement and Materials Management Services  


By integrating proven “Back-to-the-Basics” processes into today’s

e-commerce business world, organizations can realize

significant cost savings.


Technology sometimes outpaces the process being enhanced. In many instances technology has minimized basic requirements in the procurement process. While trying to analyze overall best value for the next gazillion years, costs for the task at hand can severely escalate. We all want what is best for the overall long-term success of the organization, but most real life performance measures are focused on current and short-term bottom lines.


Best practices that work well for a manufacturing or service organization are not necessarily going to work well for an engineering or construction organization.  Manufacturing and service organizations typically buy the same items over and over again, whereas the majority of the engineering and construction organizations’ requirements are defined by the specific projects being executed.


As a general rule, the “3 Bids and a Buy” method of procurement should be considered for all requirements.  Companies are many times surprised at the results when this process is used to verify the competitiveness of aged long-term purchase agreements.  C. A. Services can provide the expertise and input required to evaluate fairly existing procurement agreements and practices to maximize both current and future profits. 


The following Procurement and Materials Management Services are available:


· Materials Management & Procurement Group Assessment
& Revamping


· Overall Program Development & Implementation Assistance


· Procurement Policies & Procedures Manuals


· Federal Acquisition Regulatory Reviews


· Standard Terms & Conditions Documents


· Major Equipment & Services Procurement Planning


· Inquiry, Evaluation, & Award Assistance


· Documenting, Formalizing, and Administration of
Contractual Agreements


· Shop Inspection, Expediting, & Tracking Services



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