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The purpose of developing Standard Purchase Order and Contract Terms and Conditions is to ensure that adequate language is included in every contractual agreement issued that protects the organization against unnecessary liabilities. Standard terms and conditions should reflect requirements such as; integration, controlling terms, conflicting requirements, inspection, expediting, documentation, time of performance, title and risk of loss, the intent of applicable laws, statutes and good business practices during the entire procurement process.


A comprehensive set of standard terms and conditions provides buyers with the basic contractual language necessary to protect the organization against unnecessary liabilities.


C. A. Services has developed standard terms and conditions outlines for both purchase orders and subcontracts. After meeting with client management to identify specific objectives, these terms and conditions can be customized to convey the unique requirements of the organization.   


Drafts of the terms and conditions will be submitted to the client for review and comment during the development cycle. During these review cycles the client’s legal representative should also review and comment to ensure compatibility with established legal strategies.


Once accepted, all documents are provided in both electronic and hardcopy form so that future revisions can be made and distributed by internal personnel.


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