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The number one objective of any organization must be the safety of its workers and anyone, both present and future, affected by organizational activities. The number two objective should stress maximization of shareholder equity. Simple documentation of expectations and safety rules typically result in more efficient operations and better results. Implementing and enforcing strong safety procedures will result in substantial improvements in both safety performance and organizational productivity. An effective manual provides essential guidelines explaining to everyone their responsibility regarding safety. C.A. Services can write the manual, but the commitment to an effective safety program must come from within the organization!


C. A. Services has developed an outline of general safety procedures that include generally accepted good safety practices. After meeting with Client management to identify specific objectives and reviewing existing policies, a fully comprehensive manual can be customized to convey the unique requirements of the organization.


Drafts of the safety manuals are submitted to the Client for review and comment during the development cycle. During these review cycles the Client personnel responsible for safety performance and OSHA compliance should also review and comment to ensure compatibility with established safety objectives and strategies.


Once completed and accepted, all documents are provided in both electronic and hardcopy form so that future revisions can be made and distributed by internal personnel.


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