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         C. A. Services is committed to being a constant resource to its clients whether that means deploying a staff to a client’s office to revamp its Procurement Group or providing a checklist for pre-qualifying bidders.  The other pages of this website are geared toward helping our clients identify what needs to be done so they can decide whether to self-perform the task or have C. A. Services do it for them.


        Developing a plan, creating a checklist, and executing the plan in a logical order is the best way to complete complex tasks.  The person charged with completing complex tasks can greatly benefit from starting with a comprehensive outline or template.


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Direct Links to Checklists & Templates


Corporate Purchasing and Contracts Package

Corporate Purchasing & Contracting Policy Manual

Contract Agreement Template Package

Contract Request for Proposal Package

Confidentiality Agreement Template Package

Contract Close Out Procedure, Checklist & Templates


Construction Project Management Package

Inquiry and Bidding Template Package
Project Setup, Subcontracting & Admin Package
Project Execution and Closeout Activities Package
Federal Design-Build Proposal Package

Purchasing and Expediting Package

Office Purchasing Policies and Procedures

Purchasing Terms & Contract Administration Templates

Inquiry Checklist for Construction Contracts

Purchase Order File Checklist


Materials Management Auditing Package

Project Management Audit Checklist

Document Management Operations Audit Checklist

Project Materials Management Audit Checklist

On-Site Material Control Audit Checklist

Project Purchasing Audit Checklist

Expediting & Traffic Audit Checklist

Subcontract Administration Audit Checklist


QAQC Manual & Plan Package

Quality Assurance & Quality Control Manual

Project Quality Assurance & Quality Control Plan


 Health & Safety Plan Package

Health and Safety Manual with OSHA Links

Jobsite Safety Handbook

Self Inspection Safety Checklist


Construction Safety Program Package

Contractor Site Safety Policy

Construction Site Policy on Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Safety Hazards Housekeeping Checklist

Safety Prevention Program Checklist

Safety Orientation Checklist for New Employees


Project Estimating and Invoicing Package

Construction Project Estimating Template

Construction Project Invoicing Template


Construction Claims Management Package

Claims Avoidance Checklist

Claims Recovery Checklist


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